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Sterile Processing Technician


What are the duties and responsibilities of a Sterile Processing Technician on a day-to-day basis?

The Operating Room is the heart of the hospital BUT the Sterile Processing Department is the heartbeat

SPD Technicians decontaminate, high level disinfect, assemble, prepare, and sterilize surgical instrumentation for the Operating Room, Labor and Delivery, the Emergency Room, Nursing care areas, and all other ancillary departments in a hospital.

They utilize established infection control guidelines and appropriate methodology and techniques to carry out their duties.

They operate washer/disinfectors, cart washers, ultrasonic equipment, automatic endoscope reprocessors, high temperature and low temperature sterilizers in the Sterile Processing Department.

They dispense and deliver sterilized instruments and instrument sets to the customer units and areas.

They audit supplies and inventory levels and notify the manager and / or supervisor, or lead tech, when levels are low.

They assist in processing orders for supplies maintained from the storeroom.  

They are responsible for the unpacking and restocking of supplies on the shelves and storage areas.

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Making a difference


Since 2013, Lee Provident has helped a growing number of its members get trained and certified in the Sterile Processing profession.



CRCST Self-Study Program

This service is designed for those individuals who have the ability to complete the required textbook and workbook, on their own, anywhere, anytime, wherever it's comfortable, and at their own pace.

There are no classroom lectures. If you have a very busy and/or unpredictable schedule and can't stick to joining a classroom course, this program may be your ideal match.

Tutoring sessions are available on Saturday mornings (if needed) to assess your self-study progress. This service is for registered members. Members must book an appointment.

Lee Provident offers a hands-on training opportunity (at affiliated clinical sites) upon satisfactory completion of your textbook and workbook studies. Details are explained at your sign-up session.




YOU CAN BOOK AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE BELOW - full payment is due when you book.

  • Cash, or blank money order.

  • You must purchase your own textbook and workbook.

  • The sign-up process takes about 10 minutes. 

Once you are signed up and your payment is made, there are no refunds.


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